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My Godzilla
About the Show

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WHAT Godzilla series?
Godzilla: The Series, at least the series I'm talking about, continues where Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich left off in the 1998 hit film. Dr. Niko Tatopoulos, soon after defeating the first godzilla, investigates the remnants of its nest. While exploring the wreckage of Madison Square Gardens, Nick runs into one newly-hatched godzilla offspring who imprints on him. Now, it's up to Nick, Godzilla, and the assembled H.E.A.T. team to put a stop to mutant threats everywhere. But how far will Army Major Tony Hicks let him go?


Okay, now that I'm informed, what should I expect to see in this site?
Included in this site are Screenshots, Sound Clips, Links, and More! Everything is FREE to copy down for PERSONAL USE ONLY! In other words, do NOT post the contents of this site on your own site without permission, and do NOT try to turn a profit with anything. There are several places where you can contact me for permission.

Enjoy the site! And leave any questions or comments in my guestbook!

Disclaimer: I have no connection with the show. I am simply providing images, which I hope fans will find useful. If you would like to help me make screenshots of missed episodes or have any suggestions for promoting this site or any other comments, please sign my guest book.
These pictures may be distributed and copied freely for personal use so long as credit for the original pictures is given to Toho Studios and Tristar and this site name is mentioned for those interested in obtaining their own copies. All sales are expressly forbidden. No exceptions. This is a non-profit site, and it shall remain that or be discontinued.
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